QGroundControl and video from Cosmostreamer

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Video settings are common for all QGroundControl versions for all platforms.

For changing video stream settings open QGroundControl settings, "Application settings", "Fly view", scroll to "Video Settings". There are a lot of video protocols, but only two compatible with Cosmostreamer.

Video protocols

UDP h.264 Video Stream


In real it is not a raw UDP H264 stream but UDP RTP. So need to enable "RTP" protocol in Cosmostreamer streaming options. "Device settings", "Streaming", "RTP". Use your computer or smartphone (PC/Mac/Android/IOS) IP and default port 5600. Turn on "Enabled" option.


That's all, now you could see video from Cosmostreamer in your QGroundControl.



Open Cosmostreamer streaming options. "Device settings", "Streaming", "RTSP". Turn on "RTSP server enabled" option.


Copy "RTSP URL" field value.

Now open QGroundControl video settings, choose source "RTSP Video Stream" and paste RTSP URL.


That's all. Now you could see RTSP video from Cosmostreamer in GRoundControl.