Cosmostreamer wired for DJI gimbals

For what all this?

The main idea - to make a DJI cameras works as a usual camera, without any DJI equipment.

Unlike as Cosmostreamer for Osmo, which connects via Wi-Fi, Cosmostreamer wired connects to gimbal by wires. That is why connection is more easy and stable, Wi-Fi not needed, no interferencies with RC.

Cosmostreamer wired connects to DJI gimbals by wires, with a DJI Inspire 1 mount or DJI OSMO PART 89 Gimbal Remote Extension.

Cosmostreamer wired receive video from DJI camera and outputs on HDMI. Telemetry overlay available. Then, as customer wants: or connect long HDMI cable, or connect a HDMI video sender for vider transmition for long distance.

Camera and gimbal control is via regular RC transmitter, but needed a PCM receiver with separate channels. DJI Inspire gimbals can work in Osmo mode (always horizontal, roll control not available), or in Inspire mode (roll control available). Osmo gimbals (X3 black, X3+ black) can work only in Osmo mode (always horizontal).

Supported cameras:

  • X3 white (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)
  • X3 black (Osmo mode only)
  • X3+ black (Osmo mode only)
  • Z3 (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)
  • X5 (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)
  • X5R (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)

Use cases:

  • As stabilized camera for any non-DJI copters
  • As stabilized camera for a RC planes
  • Non-typical steadycams
  • A stabilizer camera for real helicopter/plane
  • Cable cams
  • Sliders
  • Spider cams
  • Crane systems (like Russian Arm)


  • DJI gimbals wired connection, video receiving, telemetry receiving, control
  • DJI Gimbal and camera settings control
  • RC receivers connection (with PCM outputs)
  • Zoom and pan/tilt control
  • HDMI video output from DJI cams, optionaly with telemetry overlay
  • Control from custom joysticks (Arduino based, for example) via I2C bus
  • GPS connection for time set on camera (for timestamps)
  • DJI flight controler connection for orientation correction in difficult conditions. Control from DJI remote and from RC at the same time

Want some crazy features?

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  • Skype/Viber support

Assembled box


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  • 1a box
  • Skype/Viber support

* "Cosmostreamer for Osmo" customers only

Assemble instruction

If you has a basic skills with Raspberry Pi and soldering skills - you can download a ready Cosmostreamer image and assemble your own box. But you have to buy a license key for full functionality.