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CosmostreamerDJI Pocket 2

A lot of connection variants with RPI4B box version
Connections with RPI3A+ box version
Box version RPI4B
Box version RPI4B with RC panel. RC receiver (X8R on photo) not included!
Box version RPI3A+
Box version RPI3A+ with RC panel. RC receiver (X8R on photo) not included!
Cosmostreamer DJI Pocket 2 box versions

Cosmostreamerfor DJI Pocket 2

A small black box with a microcomputer inside allows you to remotely control the camera, output a video stream via HDMI, stream video on a local network or over the Internet. And many other possibilities ...

Cosmostreamer connects to DJI Pocket 2 and receives video and telemetry, which are then transmitted to the control program or/and to the HDMI output. Cosmostreamer also accepts commands from the control program or from specialized devices and converts them into commands for the camera.

Cosmostreamer may be connected to DJI Pocket 2 with USB cable.

Cosmostreamer uses the same protocol as standard DJI MIMO, so it has some limitations:
  • No audio!
    Camera transmits only video, no audio
    Native video stream resolution 720p@30 on 8 mbit/s
  • Video latency


  • Video receiving from DJI Pocket 2 and output on HDMI (video only, no audio!)
  • Video transmition via network in RTSP, SRT, RTMP, raw UDP H264 protocols
  • DJI Pocket 2 gimbal control from RC system (SBus/PWM/PPM), USB joystick/gamepad. Mouse and keyboard control available only from CosmoViewerNG for Windows
  • DJI Pocket 2 settings control
  • Transparent connection for Android smartphone/tablet for using with DJI MIMO at the same time (Raspberry Pi 4B only)
  • USB microphone/line-in support for adding audio into stream (Raspberry Pi 4B only)
  • Onboard video transcoding to lower resolution and bitrate for better streaming via mobile networks
  • Recording video from camera on internal microSD card or USB flash drive (Raspberry Pi 4B only)
  • 4G modem support (Raspberry Pi 4B only)
  • ZeroTier intergration for simpe device connection via Internet

DIY license key only

A text string that must be saved on the Cosmostreamer for the camera to work. Read DIY instructions

Included: license key string via email, email/Whatsapp/Telegram online support


Cosmostreamer box RPI4B

Based on Raspberry Pi 4B. Two micro-HDMI outputs, Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, 4 USB ports.

Included: hardware, USB cable, license key, email/Whatsapp/Telegram online support


Cosmostreamer Lite

Based on Raspberry Pi Zero W. Mini HDMI output, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. Only HDMI output is available.

Included: hardware, USB cable, license key, email/Whatsapp/Telegram online support


CosmoViewerNG is a main control application for Cosmostreamer.



This is the cheapest and fastest way to get a Cosmostreamer!

Go to DIY page


Q: Can I just unplug the power cable from the box??
A: Yes, the file system on the microSD is in read-only mode, so you can unplug the power cable without any problem



If you have any questions about the Cosmostreamer, fill your name, e-mail and your message using the form below. We are always glad to help you!

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