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CosmostreamerDJI Goggles2 or Integra


  • Video receiving from DJI Goggles2 or Integra with DJI Avata/O3 air unit, DJI FPV drone or Caddx Vista and output on HDMI with a very low latency
  • Video transmition via network in RTSP, SRT, RTMP, raw UDP H264 protocols


DIY license key only

A text string that must be saved on the Cosmostreamer for the camera to work. Read DIY instructions


Cosmostreamer box RPI4B

Based on Raspberry Pi 4B. Two micro-HDMI outputs, Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, 4 USB ports. Power via standard USB-C cable (or any 5V).

Included: hardware, license key, email/Whatsapp/Telegram online support


Cosmostreamer Lite

Based on Raspberry Pi Zero W. Mini-HDMI output, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. Power from the Goggles2/Integra.

Included: hardware, license key, email/Whatsapp/Telegram online support


This is the cheapest and fastest way to get a Cosmostreamer!

Go to DIY page


CosmoViewerNG is a main control application for Cosmostreamer.



Q: Clean HDMI video without OSD?
A: Goggles menu, Setting -> Advanced Camera Settings -> Camera View Recording -> OFF

Q: Can I just unplug the power cable from the box??
A: Yes, the file system on the microSD is in read-only mode, so you can unplug the power cable without any problem



If you have any questions about the Cosmostreamer, fill your name, e-mail and your message using the form below. We are always glad to help you!

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