DJI Go for Windows/Mac

DJI Osmo only!


Since our beloved company DJI does not do an DJI Go application for Windows, I had to do it myself. Sure, it is not a original superb DJI Go app, so i can't call it "DJI Go". So, that's why my application called "CosmoViewer для Windows".

Initially this application worked only with a intermediate device - Cosmostreamer, but now "CosmoViewer для Windows/Mac" can connect to DJI Osmo directly by PC/laptop Wi-Fi.

CosmoViewer application works only with DJI Osmo (Osmo+, Osmo Pro, Osmo RAW)


  • Receive and show live video stream from DJI Osmo
  • Receive and show telemetry from DJI Osmo
  • DJI Osmo gimbal control(pan/tilt/zoom/focus, etc)
  • DJI Osmo settings control
  • DJI Osmo recorded photos/videos download

If you need more features - check a Cosmostreamer device. It can do all the same, and more - video restream, HDMI output, remote control from RC and many other interesting things.


CosmoViewer for Windows if free, but i hope on youre donates, which will go to its development.


CosmoViewer for Windows




Short manual:

1. Download an installer CosmoViewer-setup.exe to PC/laptop on Windows and run.
2. Run installed application.
3. Connect your PC/laptop to DJI Osmo's Wi-Fi network. Application have to begin to show a live video stream.
4. Done! For camera movement - press keyboard buttons left-right up-down, or press mouse left button and move on application window.



CosmoViewer for Mac

If I collect an interesting amount of donations - then I will release a version for Mac (OS X).