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CosmoViewerNG for Windows

A main control application for Cosmostreamer

Also CosmoViewerNG may work directly (via Wi-Fi) with DJI Osmo/Osmo+/OsmoPro/OsmoRAW, DJI Pocket Osmo, DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Osmo Action.

Short instruction

  • Download the installer CosmoViewerNG-Setup.exe to PC/laptop on Windows and run
  • Run installed application CosmoViewerNG

      • Control for Cosmostreamer box
        • Connect your PC/laptop to the Wi-Fi network "cosmostreamer", default password is "1234512345"
        • Or connect your PC/laptop to the local network with Ethernet cable
        • Cosmostreamer device must be discovered and shown in list. Click on it for connection.
      • Direct Wi-Fi connection to DJI cams
        • Connect your PC/laptop to DJI Pocket Osmo, DJI Pocket2 or Osmo Action Wi-Fi network
        • Move mouse to left side of application window and click application settings icon in pop-up panel
        • Choose "Use Osmo Action direct connection" for Osmo Action, "Use Pocket Osmo direct connection" for Pocket Osmo, "Use Pocket 2 direct connection" for Pocket 2. Or "Use DJI Osmo/Osmo+/Osmo Pro/Osmo RAW" for old Osmo. Click Apply icon (in left bottom corner of window)


Installer CosmoViewerNG-Setup.exe





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